Expertise In O&G

Production Engineering

Deepsinai production engineering / petroleum engineering expertise covers projects worldwide as well as various types of wells and reservoirs: oil, gas and gas condensate reservoirs; vertical, horizontal, deviated onshore producers and injectors. Our production engineering consultants specialise in well and reservoir performance, production optimisation, artificial lift performance and identification of underperforming wells. Our aim is to find the best time-effective and cost-effective solutions for well remediation and overall production enhancement.

Our production team have wide expertise in Integrated Production Modelling (IPM) that allows the integration of people and tools leading to effective field management. IPM spans through reservoir engineering, production technology and process engineering; providing and ideal platform to exchange views and hence landing on the optimum way for field development.

Deesinai has huge industry experience with standard and widely recognised software packages, such as OFM, ECLIPSE, PROSPER, GAP, MBAL, PipeSim, RodStar, SubPump, WellFlo, PCP CFER.

Our services are extensive and include the following:

  • Production data review
  • Material balance
  • Reservoir performance
  • Reservoir surveillance
  • Vertical flow/vertical lift performance
  • Nodal analysis
  • Compressor optimization planning
  • Production optimization planning
  • Reservoir surveillance
  • Artificial lift design and optimization
  • Well remediation planning
  • Field development studies
  • Integrated production modelling

Process Engineering

Our consulting services for process engineering offers encompass Model building, Conceptual design, Basic Engineering and consulting services in Detail Design Engineering, and Flow Assurance. We have experts that worked on the various construction projects around the World, and was in positions of construction managers, construction directors, engineering managers, flow assurance experts.

Our services are extensive and include the following:

  • Basic Engineering Design (BD, PFD, Utility requirements, P&ID, equipment specification, Data Sheets prepareation)
  • Detailed Engineering documents review and consultancy – project review (plant/equipment layouts with load data (Plan and elevation), fabrication drawings for equipment, piping GA, isometrics, 3D model review)
  • Steady State and Dynamic Process Modeling
  • Process Design and Process Optimization (Oil treatment plants, gas treatment plants, condensate treating etc.)
  • Troubleshooting
  • Flow Assurance (scale deposition, corrossion, hydrate formation, paraffin deposition)

Deesinai has huge industry experience with standard and widely recognised software packages, such as Aspen HYSYS, OLGA, ProMAX, ProTreat, PipeSim, OLI and VMG Sim.

Geological, Geophysical, Petrophysical Eng

We have experienced cosultants that can perform a large variety of studies with more than 20 years of experience in O&G industry.

  • Seismic data interpretation
  • Well-log data interpretation
  • Well data correlation
  • 3D geological modeling (structural, facies, petrophysical, fracture)
  • Deterministic calculation and probabilistic estimation of hydrocarbons in-place volumes
  • Performing various geological studies (e.g. reservoir properties, tectonic style, sequence-stratigraphy, depositional settings)

The following are our key service areas:
Deesinai has huge industry experience with standard and widely recognised software packages, such as ECLIPSE, Petrel etc.

O&G Project Management And Consulting (PMC)

Deepsinai’s capabilities cover the full spectrum of oil and gas project management consulting, and PMC. Our Project Management Team jointly works with clients to implement cost-efficient, scalable staffing models and introduce industry-leading processes, designed to optimize project management activities and make the most efficient use of capital. Our methodology embedded with best practices produces a quality program that is safe, cost effective, technically sound, and environmentally compliant and deliverables in a minimum time frame, ensuring the customers interests and business objectives are met in the most cost-effective manner.

We provides pragmatic solutions on jobs covering the entire life cycle of projects, for all sizes and complexity of projects. With experience spanning a wide gamut of process technologies, Deepsinai’s capabilities and experience can be complementary to project management and consulting provided by engineering firms and also useful in designing solutions to achieve the best performance.