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DeepsinAI stands for efficiency, intelligence and optimization. We have put decades of know-how at our customers’ disposal. The world of business is digitalization, with all its opportunities for both customer and supplier to benefit from each other’s strengths

For a digital world, we believe in smart products and services that help you be more efficient, optimize your business processes and create an intelligent ecosystem for innovation.

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Deep platform is a domain know how, machine learning and data analytics platform that enables oil and gas companies to make informed decisions on production management, asset performance and operations optimization. DeepsinAI works with learning algorithms and artificial intelligence to significantly reduce operating costs by optimizing production, optimizing well operations, and reducing time to decision activity to increase revenue or reduce cost.

DeepsinAI is a cognitive automation solution used by the oil & gas industry to make operations more efficient. DeepsinAI works with learning algorithms and artificial intelligence to provide production operators with real-time insights into their daily activities, as well as historical data on past operations.

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Expertise in O&G production and process engineering, geological and geophysical surveys, petrophysical modeling. Reserves estimation and project management.

ML/AI  have become important tools in oil and gas industries. Big Data applications, such as Data Science and AI are becoming more relevant to the optimization of the Oil & Gas industry.

With the oil and gas industry on the brink of acceleration in its digital transformation strategy, many companies are already benefiting from large cost savings.

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